The Credit Card Authority can help your business reduce operating costs and provide cash flow while you grow. 

With the changes we have seen in how people pay for everything over the last 2 decades accepting credit cards has become a necessity for almost every business vertical.

Given the costs associated with accepting credit cards many businesses are looking for solutions to reduce cost and provide cash flow to keep their operations running. Towards that end we have developed several programs to help meet those needs.

Cash Discounting:

You want to offer your customers the convenience of paying with credit cards, but merchant services costs – credit card processing fees – eat up to 4% of your profit margin. What if you could seamlessly shift the cost of credit card transactions to those customers who choose to use credit cards, effectively offering your customers a discount for paying with cash? The Credit Card Authority can provide you with the latest POS terminal technology, giving you the ability to offer reverse cash discounting.

A cash discount is when you as a merchant offer a discounted price to your customers who pay with cash. With reverse cash discounting, your displayed prices represent the cash discounted price, and customers who choose to pay with a credit card will have their purchase adjusted (or “reversed”) at checkout. The amount of the adjustment is similar to the amount billed for your merchant processing fees, which is typically between 3% – 4%.

Offset the cost of credit card processing fees by offering your customers an incentive to pay by cash. Upgrading to an all-in-one processing system ensures merchants have the ability to provide more accurate and efficient transactions while lowering the cost of doing business.

Not all POS systems can handle this type of discounting application.   The Credit Card Authority has several affordable options that support Zero Fee Processing and are customizable to your needs.

Business Partner Processing:

All businesses that accept credit cards as payment are all too familiar with the cost and challenges that come with that process. We believe in partnering with our merchants in every aspect to ensure a good working relationship is established. Our BPP program works by us giving back to our merchants 10% percent of the revenue generated from their credit card processing fees each month. If your credit card processing volume and fees go up, so does the rebate you get from our BPP program. This ensures we both have a vested interest in the business relationship created by choosing the Authority as you merchant processing partner.  We also tie in merchant referrals to allow our business partners to increase their revenue share by sharing this program with other business owners. The way it works is outlined below:

All businesses that establish a merchant account with the Credit Card Authority will receive a rebate equal to 10% of the income generated from their processing fees. (Businesses with competitive pricing and fees of $3000-5000 per month would receive approximately $50-60 per month)

  • For every referral a business processing with CCA sends us that establishes a merchant account and actively processes the referring businesses rebate increases by 1% (ie 5 referrals equals a 15% rebate).

  • For any business that refers 5 businesses to CCA that establish a processing merchant account the referring business will reach the level of “Silver referral business partner” and receive monthly 10% of the income generated from the first 10 accounts they refer. (Businesses with competitive pricing and fees of $3000-5000 per month would receive approximately $250-500 per month)

  • After hitting the 10 referral mark the percentage of income all “Silver referral business partners” will receive increases by 1% for every additional merchant account they refer (ie merchant refers an additional merchant for a total of 11 the payout is at 11% and continues to increase with each referred merchant).

  • Once a merchant hits 25 referred accounts and has achieved a 25% rebate on the income generated from their processing account, the merchant reaches the level of “Gold referral business partner” where they will receive 25% of the income generated from all 25 of the accounts they referred monthly. (Businesses with competitive pricing and fees of $3000-5000 per month would receive approximately $3000-3500 per month)

  • Merchants will reach the level of “Platinum referral business partner” once they have referred 50 accounts where the merchant referral bonus would be 50% of the business generated by the 50 referred accounts. All future referrals would also be at 50%. (Businesses with competitive pricing and fees of $3000-5000 per month would receive approximately $12,500-13,000 per month at 50 businesses. As the number of referrals increases the monthly payout follows suit)

  • Once a merchant has reached the level of “Platinum referral business partner” the rebate on their own processing fee income will be capped at 70% (60 referrals total), but all referred business accounts will be at the 50% payout of the Platinum referral business partner plan.

ATM placements:

Depending on your business vertical in many instances placing an ATM in your business can help drive more business to your storefront, and also provide income for you from the fees charged when customers make cash withdrawals. We tailor each placement depending on the wants and needs of each business partner. We maintain the ATM’s and keep them filled with cash, and you can choose the revenue/expense option that best suits your needs.

Cash advances and lines of credit:

All businesses face monetary challenges from time to time and need to ensure their business can survive slowdowns and such year over year. We understand this and work hard to provide a number of solutions to meet those needs for our merchant partners. We offer small business loans where approval is based on business performance and not just a credit score. We also offer lines of credit with the flexibility to withdraw funds when you need them and only incur costs on those funds. We also offer bridge loans which are customizable to reward you with a discounted fee for early repayment.

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