Common Merchant Issues

the challenges of accepting credit cards

Many merchants have run into issues with their merchant services solution, only to be faced with the dilemma of “do I call for support, or do I try to figure it out on my own?” In most cases calling the toll free number for assistance results in a hold time of 10-20 mins, followed by being connected to someone outside the US who is following a script to try to resolve the issue.

What if you had a better understanding of your POS system and could resolve basic issues without calling for support? How much better could you run your business if you had that basic knowledge, and knew when you did need to reach out to the help desk you would reach US based support 100% of the time?

We have the knowledge and support staff to assist any merchant with something as simple as a stand alone terminal, to a merchant using an 8 station POS system running thousands of transactions per day. Having set up and supported thousands of merchants over the past 20 years there are few if any POS solutions we are not well versed on. Keeping your business running and transactions processing can be the difference between success and failure.

With our approach to setting up and supporting merchants there is 0 down time because we always have back up systems in place, and are able to resolve any issue that arises within 20-30 mins on average.

Give us an idea of what type of business you are running and the POS system you are using, and we can custom tailor a program that will ensure you are able to focus on what you do best which is running a successful business.