The Credit Card Authority can help you discover the right POS solution for your business:

When it comes to selecting the right POS solution for your business there are many things to consider. Cost, features, and functionality are all things that must be considered when looking at a POS system.

We always look closely at those details, but also consider details that many other merchant solution providers miss. An example of that is to consider how many front end platforms does that POS system work with? If there is only one available processing partner the merchant will be at the mercy of that processor with regard to processing rates and fees. That is one example of how every detail needs to be looked at so once you decide on a POS system it will help your business run more efficiently.

Our years of experience in the processing industry has taught us every business has specific operational procedures, and overlooking that fact is the number one reason for POS system buyer’s remorse. We work with each one of our processing partners to gain a very clear and concise picture of how they operate, and what they need to run at peak efficiency. That is one of the main reasons our processing partners continue to use our service for the life of their business. It is also the reason they refer other business owners to us because The Authority always has you covered.

POS Terminals

We have worked with many different terminals over the years and have found the terminals listed below to have the best functionality and reliability for the many business verticals we service.

We do have access to many front end networks so if the terminal you prefer is not listed below more than likely we can reprogram the terminal to work with one of our merchant accounts.

POS Systems

Working with the myriad of POS systems out there in the different business verticals we support has taught us one undeniable fact. There is no one POS system that is a perfect fit for every business even if they operate in the same business environment.

We have listed below some of the more popular POS systems in the retail and restaurant markets that we support, but given our extensive resources to support different POS systems if yours is not listed below we will be able to support the system you are using.

Payment Gateways

Gateways are used for anything from allowing your E-Commerce site to process sales in conjunction with your shopping cart, to functioning as a billing suite for your service related business.

Having seen the choices of gateways go from just a few major ones in the early 2000’s to an almost endless number of them now it can be very confusing for merchant to determine which one best fits their needs. Given those factors we work with merchants to custom tailor a gateway set up that will work seamlessly to provide the processing solution that best fits their business needs.

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